Tips on Choosing a Videographer

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By Jim Doumak


How to choose a Professional Videographer:


There are three types of videographers.  1. A friend or relative.  2.  The novice just starting out. 3. The seasoned professional.  Assuming you want to hire the seasoned pro in order to have the most beautiful video of your wedding, here are a few tips.




As you are deciding which Professional Wedding and Event Videographer to choose, there are a few things to consider.  If you meet them in person, how do they look? What is your first impression?  Do they present themselves professionally? Are they dressed nicely or are they in jeans?  How will they dress at your wedding?  You don’t want them showing up at your wedding in jeans or shorts.  They should fit in with everyone in attendance and not look like they just came from the beach.



Find out how long have they been shooting weddings?  Have they recorded any weddings at your location?  Are they familiar with the traditions of your religion or culture?  Will they attend your rehearsal if unfamiliar with your venue?



You should also view their work.  What is the quality of the video?  How is the lighting?  Is it crisp and clear or is the image dark and out of focus?  Are the shots steady or shaky?  How is the audio? Does the audio sound professional?  Is it clear or sound like you are in a cave with the sound echoing all around.  How well is the video edited? What is the pacing of the video like?  Does it flow in an easy to watch movie that tells a story or do you want to grab the remote and hit fast forward?  Does the wedding video move you emotionally?  A well recorded and edited wedding video will do that.



There are several styles to shooting and editing a wedding video. Whom you choose may depend on which particular style you prefer.  There is the documentary style, which chronologically records your day from beginning to end and with little in the way of effects and music.  And there is the cinematic style, which tells the story of your wedding day in a more artistic manner.  There may be special effects such as slow motion, sepia coloring, fades, photo montages, music, flash backs and flash forwards and titles.  And some combine both styles.  In any event the video should tell a story, the story of your wedding day no matter which style you prefer.



Most Professional Videographers offer a variety of packages of varying degrees of coverage, style, time, locations, number of cameras and the number of DVDs or Blu-ray disks you will get.  Most also offer ala carte items so you can pick and choose which particular item or items you want included in your video that may not be in a particular package you want.  Most companies will allow you to customize your video package to fit your budget.



Once you have done your research, had your meeting and viewed the work of your list of prospective video companies, it is time for you to choose the one you feel most confident will create the perfect video for you.  Get EVERYTHING you have agreed upon in writing.  Read the agreement or contract thoroughly to make sure that it contains everything you agree on.  If there is an item in the agreement you don’t understand don’t hesitate to call and get an explanation.  And if there is something different than what you agreed upon call and bring that to the attention of your videographer and get it amended before you sign.


To summarize:

Your wedding day is not the day to be worrying about your cake, DJ or Videographer.  It should be a day that the only things on your mind are the wedding itself, the guests, and your future together. By doing your homework before you hire a videographer to record your once-in-a-lifetime event, you will feel confident that you will receive a DVD or Blu-ray disk that will be watched over and over and not just left on a shelf to collect dust.  A well-done wedding video will become an heirloom for your future children and grandchildren to enjoy!  So do your homework ahead of time and enjoy your wedding day stress free.