Choose Your Coverage

When choosing what type of coverage you will want for your wedding day there are several things to consider.  This article will describe what they are and how they will affect the final video delivered to you.


What is your budget for videography?

Coverage for wedding video services can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.  If you only need to have your wedding covered to capture the events of the day and have no frills associated with the video you can ask for a DVD containing only the raw footage.  This will probably include everything recorded chronologically to include shots that would normally wind up on the editing room floor due to poor quality, out of focus shots, or the camera running an extended period of time waiting for a speech, toast, dance or some other important event to start.  Many companies will, however, do a quick clean-up edit to remove these bad clips or shorten clips that contain a lot of footage where nothing interesting is happening.

At the higher end of the spectrum is the “everything included” package that has a lot of creative editing to tell the story of your wedding day.  Titles can be added along with music and creative video effects to create an emotional impact to those watching.  And the edits are paced so as to keep the attention of the viewer.  The video moves along to keep the viewer interested and emotionally involved.


How long will you need video coverage?

Another thing to consider is how long you want the coverage for.  Do you want coverage of the entire day starting with the bride and groom getting ready earlier in the day?  Or do you need less coverage?  Maybe you will want only the ceremony or the reception videotaped.  Naturally the more time you will need the videographer for will depend on how much you will spend.


How many cameras?

Finally, you will need to decide how many cameras you will want to cover your day.  Multiple cameras are always better than one because it will make your video more interesting to watch which has to do with pacing as I mentioned earlier. Watching a scene from the perspective of two or more cameras is more interesting and holds the attention of the viewer much better than one long shot of the same scene.  And multiple cameras will catch more of the action.  That’s why I recommend to my clients at least two cameras at the ceremony if at all possible.  And if it is within your budget you will have better coverage at the reception with two cameras.

There are many other smaller elements that a video company can offer that can affect the bottom line of your video budget but the ones mentioned above are the main ones.  I recommend you consider all these and talk to different companies and see what they can offer you that will be within your budget.  Good Luck!